We are committed to optimizing procurement results in order to maximize our customers benefits. The evolution of interorganizational systems has enabled us to capitalize on the "economics of information" to render value services to our internal and external customers base by providing seamless integration of internal services and B2B services. Al Jaber Group's external customers are the suppliers recognized by their continuous endeavors to excel in their respective fields and willing to combine efforts with us on a long term basis to achieve our high aims. we apply the necessary expertise to ensure our clients' requirements are fulfilled on time and to the highest professional standards.

We seek those suppliers who emphasize quality, economical solutions, reliability and overall service. This applies to all equipment, materials and services. Thus, our suppliers must quote first class references and adopt an internationally recognized quality management system.
Group CPO's Message

A centralized procurement function is a model that is right for our times. However, achieving a high performance with a centralized procurement model is a challenge that requires an integrated vision. While the challenges are significant, the reward for overcoming them are significant as well. My procurement vision emphasizes on implementing best practice procurement processes, establishing a procurement organization that is able to focus primarily on adding value and leveraging performance through continuous upgrades to technology-enabled transactions.


Jaber Al Jaber
Group Chief Procurement Officer
Al Jaber Group
13th of December, 2009
Supplier Relationship Management
Supplier Relationship Management
Current Material/Services Requirements
Since 1970, Al Jaber Group has provided exceptional products and services to a variety of clients in the public and private sectors. Our activities span multiple industries; construction, manufacturing, shipping, transportation, trading, services, aviation, etc. Al Jaber Group has recently established The Central Procurement Department to provide oversight of Al Jaber's corporate-wide procurement activities and to ensure best practice procurement processes resulting in quality products and support services at minimum cost.
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