Suppliers Portal

The Supplier Portal is a password protected website that provides easy access to Suppliers related information residing in our procurement and finance databases. Al Jaber has developed the Supplier Portal to provide our Suppliers all the information needed so you can work with Al Jaber Group in a more effective and efficient manner.

Login to the portal using Supplier Portal Access in the left hand side of this page.

What kind of information the Supplier Portal can provide?

  • Purchase Orders released
  • Payments
  • Performance Ratings
  • Automatic notifications of new requirements and tenders

How to obtain an account?

The Supplier Portal is currently limited to a number of strategic suppliers. To set up an account in Al Jaber Supplier Portal, you need to be registered in our supplier database. Account Requests can be sent to Al Jaber Supplier Management Center at

Supplier Registrations

Al Jaber Supplier Registration is an online questionnaire that provides your company with the opportunity to complete a profile and join our supplier database. Your application will allow us to contact you should an opportunity arise for your company’s products or services. Currently, the e-Supplier Registration Process is running independent of the Supplier Portal.
  Supplier Portal Access

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