Al Jaber Procurement Portal is a web-based application created by the Central Procurement Department of Al Jaber Group to provide a range of procurement information. The Procurement Portal makes the connection between the Central Procurement Department and Al Jaber Group's business units more convenient, transparent and faster.

The application can be only used by authorized employees to;

1- Track Purchase Requisitions
2- Monitor the progress of their respective procurement transactions
3- Communicate with the Central Procurement Department
4- Rate suppliers' performance
5- Monitor AJC's Business Units' expenditures

Al Jaber Procurement Portal
The service offerings rendered by the portal includes;
1- Help desk Support: Corporate-wide users can easily track the status of their requisitions and communicate effectively with their respective procurement staff;
2- Combined Procurement "back office" Support: The portal controls the administrative load of the procurement function using advanced reporting mechanisms and object-oriented databases;
3-Compliance Monitoring: The application continuously monitors the compliance of the procurement transactions with the adopted policies to improve procurement governance; and
4- Performance Management: A new module that is currently being developed to measure the procurement staff performance in a quantitative manner and establish a sound merit-based performance system.
Important Note:

Al Jaber Procurement Portal is only limited to authorized employees of Al Jaber Group. To request access to our Procurement Portal, send a request by email to supply.chain@aje.aeae
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